Summit Edge


From 17 074 $ to 18 874 $


When the ride calls to push a little harder, explore a little deeper, the 2022 Summit Edge is the answer. Whether its hillclimbs, treelines or open powder bowls, the Edge adds more epic to every ride with its agile, effortless handling and awesome Rotax power

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ULTIMATE Catalyst Grey / Octane Blue


850 E-TEC® Liquid-cooled, two-stoke, eRAVETM


REV® Gen4 with narrow-design bodywork


PowderMax† Light with FlexEdgeTM: 154 x 16 x 2.5 in., 154 x 16 x 3.0 in. opt.,165 x 16 x 3.0 in.,175 x 15 x 3.0 in.